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I’m Serena Samborski, some lady living in London, Ontario, Canada. I have interests in many different design disciplines and visual art forms, including (but not limited to): fashion design, creative writing, photography, web development, film production, animation, illustration, sewing, game design and toy design. I like to use my knowledge in these different disciplines as inspiration in other art forms. In addition, I’m interested in exploring the technology behind my artistic pursuits, and I may be found studying software and code to find out how to make it do what I want it to do.

I’m very ambitious and passionate, and I have big dreams. I currently run my own business, Seremeres Games making iPhone Apps and Games. In the future I’d like to design dolls and toys for kids, grown-up enthusiasts and collectors. Whatever the role I happen to take, I want to become a leader, encouraging and motivating others to follow their own dreams and ambitions!